Audio Work


   2006, Robin Hood audiobooks (series 1)

   BBC Audiobooks Ltd

   The first four episodes of Robin Hood have been published as novels and Richard Armitage has recorded audiobooks of all of them.

   Will You Tolerate This?

   Sheriff got your Tongue?

   Who Shot the Sheriff?

   Parent Hood


    2007, Empire's Children

Channel 4

   Richard Armitage was the narrator of six part series about the British Empire, broadcast in July and August 2007.


    2007, The Lords of the North

BBC Audio Books (Chivers)

   Richard Armitage reads Bernard Cornwell's The Lords of the North for Chivers Audio Books, released in July (on cassette) and August (on CD) 2007.


    2007, The Ted Hughes Letters

BBC Radio 4

   Richard Armitage read from the letters of poet Ted Hughes in an Afternoon Play for BBC Radio 4, broadcast in October 2007.


    2007, A War Less Ordinary

BBC Radio 2

   Richard Armitage was one of the readers in a programme of poetry, songs and archive recordings commemorating the work of non-combatants in wartime. It was broadcast in November 2007.


    2009, New Homes from Hell 2009


   Richard Armitage narrates a three part series about people's disasters with new homes, beginning in March 2009 on ITV1.


    2009, The Great Sperm Race

Channel 4

   In March 2009, Richard Armitage narrated this documentary about human conception.


    2009, Robin Hood audiobooks (series 3)

Big Finish Productions

   Richard narrated two original audiobooks tied to series 3 of Robin Hood, that were released during the transmission of the third series of the TV show on BBC One.


    2009, Sylvester

     Naxos AudioBooks

   In July 2009, Naxos Audiobooks released Richard Armitage's recording of Georgette Heyer's Regency romance novel.


    2010 - 2011, Santander television adverts

   Richard Armitage provides the voiceover for a series of UK television advertisements for the Spanish bank Santander, in a campaign that began in January 2010.


    2010, BBC Winter Olympics trailers

   Richard Armitage voiced a series of television and radio trailers for the BBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in February 2010.


    2010, Alfa Romeo television advertisement

   Richard Armitage provided the voiceover for an advertisement on British television for Alfa Romeo's Mito MultiAir from mid-February. He also recorded a radio advertisement.


    2010, Forest Elephants : Rumbles in the Jungle


   Richard Armitage narrated this documentary in the BBC's Natural World series, broadcast on 4th March.


    2010, Too Poor for Posh School?

Channel 4

   In March, Richard narrated a documentary about a group of boys competing for a scholarship to Harrow School.


    2010, Clarissa, BBC Radio 4, Robert Lovelace

BBC Radio 4: Classic Serial

   In his first drama for national radio, Richard Armitage starred in BBC Radio 4's 'Clarissa: The History of a Young Lady', in March and April 2010.


    2010, Venetia

Naxos AudioBooks

   Following the success of his recording of Heyer's Sylvester, Naxos Audiobooks released another audiobook read by Richard, Venetia, in April 2010.


    2010, The Leaders' Debate on Sky, radio trailers

   Richard voiced two radio trailers that were heard on various commercial radio stations in the week of the second Leaders' Debate, broadcast on Sky News on 22nd April. (Three debates between the leaders of the three main UK political parties were held on television before the General Election on 6th May - Sky broadcast the second of these.)


    2010, General Election coverage on Sky, radio trailer

   Richard Armitage recorded a trailer advertising Sky News' coverage of the General Election. It was heard in early May on various commercial radio stations.


    2010, Jewellery at John Bull, radio commercials

   Two radio commercials advertising jewellery for the Bedford jewellers, John Bull ran on HeartFM Bedford. The first was for palladium jewellery, and the second was for platinum jewellery.


    2010, Homes from Hell


   Following his narration of New Homes From Hell 2009 for ITV, in summer 2010 Richard narrrated another related series, Homes From Hell.


    2010, Sky Sports, radio and TV advertisements

   Richard provided the voice for a number of advertisements for Sky's Sports channels that ran on various radio and television stations.
   Some of them were part of a campaign fronted by Eric Cantona, among them the initial TV advertisement, and a later advert called The Word.


    2010, The Convenient Marriage

Naxos AudioBooks

   Richard Armitage reads his third Georgette Heyer audiobook for Naxos AudioBooks, released in August 2010.


    2010, Surgery School


   Richard Armitage is the narrator for Surgery School, a documentary series for ITV about the training of doctors hoping to become surgeons.


    2010, Words and Music

BBC Radio 3

   Richard Armitage and Emilia Fox were the readers for a programme in BBC Radio 3's Words and Music series called Symphony of a City, first broadcast in September 2010 .


    2010, Lost Land of the Tiger


   Richard narrated this three part series about the search for tigers in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. It was first broadcast in September.


    2010, ActionAid video

   Richard narrated a short video appeal, Siana's story, for the British charity ActionAid. (The video is also available on the charity's You Tube channel.)


    2011, Elsa: The Lioness that changed the World


   Richard Armitage's second narration for the BBC's Natural World series was first shown in February.


    2011, HMS Ark Royal

Discovery UK

   Richard Armitage narrates an eight part documentary series about HMS Ark Royal for the Discovery Channel UK in spring 2011.


* All information from RichardArmitageOnline 


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