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Robin Hood

Robin Hood

TV series

Genre:  Action / Adventure / Drama

"We are - Robin Hood"

    Drama series which gives a contemporary feel to the classic Robin Hood legend, focusing on Robin Hood's fight against the evil and corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisborne.

Episode guide

Season 1

Episode 1 - Will you Tolerate This?

     Robin of Locksley returns home from the Crusades to find his people starving and brutalized under the tyrannical rule of the new Sheriff.
     He quickly realizes that the only way to reason with this Sheriff is with bow and arrow. Something must be done to lift Nottingham out of oppression - even if it means sacrificing his title and land. He soon finds some allies and creates an outlaw gang in the forest.




Episode 2 - Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

     The Sheriff resorts to brutal, random torture in an attempt to find Robin, who has no choice but to give himself up for imprisonment. Robin threatens to kill the Sheriff if he harms one more person to get to him. Although Robin soon escapes, the Sheriff learns his enemy's one weakness.



Episode 3 - Who Shot the Sheriff?

     Robin Hood is blamed when a mysterious sniper murders innocent people in Nottingham. When the Sheriff is nearly killed, he further incriminates Robin as the shooter. Desperate to stop the killings, Robin forms an unholy alliance with the Sheriff of Nottingham. While out trying to catch the assassin, Robin is pleasantly surprised to learn that local hero, the Nightwatchman, is not a man at all.



Episode 4 - Parent Hood

     Robin and his men discover an abandoned baby in Sherwood Forest, moments before the Sheriff kidnaps Roy. Imprisoned, Roy is given a terrible choice: kill Robin Hood or watch his mother hang at sunrise. Who will Roy save? Who does the baby belong to? And can the Outlaws really be expected to storm Nottingham Castle on two hours' sleep?



Episode 5 - Turk Flu (US title - The Arrow and the Optic)

     The Nottingham Fair arrives, bringing with it the lure of the silver arrow competition. But Robin must resist temptation until he has dealt with something more pressing: the Sheriff's move to buy Saracen slave labor for his lethal mine. Will Robin put the mine out of business and get to Nottingham in time to win the prize? Or is there a different reward in the shape of a new member of the gang?



Episode 6 - The Taxman Cometh

     Robin and his gang are not fooled when they come across a farmer named Flaxton and his son on their way to Nottingham. To their delight, they discover Flaxton is really a tax inspector, whose job it is to count the mountain of tax silver currently housed in Nottingham Castle. Even better, with Flaxton as their cover, entry to the castle is easy. Perhaps too easy.



Episode 7 - Brothers in Arms (US title - The Brothers A Dale)

     A family reunion between Allan and his long-lost brother Tom turns sour when Tom and his crooked friends tag along with the gang. Tom proves to be far more trouble than he is worth, first trying to rob Marian's house, and eventually getting himself caught by the Sheriff. Worse, Marian is in mortal danger from a murderous Gisborne. Robin must try to save Tom before helping Marian. Even if Robin can get to her in time, will she be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to prove her innocence?



Episode 8 - Tattoo? What Tattoo? (US title - The Assassin)

     King Richard's birthday turns out to be a day of surprises for the gang. First, Djaq is captured when they raid Gisborne's party at Locksley Manor, then Robin unexpectedly discovers a terrible secret about Gisborne which sends Robin spiralling out of control. Without Robin as leader, the gang fails to rescue Djaq. They need Robin to choose between helping them save her and seeking revenge on Gisborne.



Episode 9 - A Thing or Two About Loyalty

     Castle scientist Lambert invents explosive black powder, but worries it could be a lethal weapon in the hands of someone like the Sheriff. Lambert hides his notebook, but the Sheriff tortures him until he talks. Much gets himself arrested so that he can rescue Lambert once he's inside the castle. But the Sheriff foils his plan by making him Earl of Bonchurch. Lord Much worries about what else the Sheriff has planned, but forgets when he sees who has been assigned to look after him.



Episode 10 - Peace? Off!

     When Robin stops an arsonist from burning down Locksley Church, he unleashes a series of events culminating in the discovery of a mysterious Saracen visitor at Nottingham Castle. The gang fears there is witchcraft at play, so Robin sets out to show them there's nothing to fear. But there's everything to fear in the true power of the forces converging on the castle.



Episode 11 - Dead Man Walking

     A routine trip to Locksley to collect new weaponry descends into chaos when Robin and Little John witness the capture of their bow maker and the arrest of Little John's son. When Little John tries to save his son, he's also carted off to the castle dungeons. Fate brings the last member of the Little family, Alice, to prison, temporarily reuniting Little John with his estranged wife. But while John and Alice are talking about what's best for the future of their family, the Sheriff is working on a Festival of Pain, with the Littles as the star attraction.



Episode 12 - The Return of the King

     The glorious news spreads that King Richard is returning to England. For most it hails a return to much happier days, but for Will and Allan it means a return to their lackluster former lives. And for Robin and Marian it means her impending marriage to Guy of Gisborne. Robin is desperate to find evidence convicting Gisborne of his crimes, while Marian sets out on one last mission. But as the Sheriff and his men surround Robin and the gang, it seems Marian and Robin will be separated forever.



Episode 13 - A Clue: No

     Robin can't come to terms with his loss. He refuses to help Marian's father confront the King and abandons Much and the gang. His world has simply fallen apart - there is no point in being Robin Hood anymore. But all is not what it seems. The discovery of a terrible secret will spur Robin back into action and see the Sheriff and Gisborne defeated before the day is through.

Season 2


 Episode 1 - Sister Hood

     Robin and his gang have been constructing a new camp in the forest. But then Knighton Hall is burnt to the ground and Sir Edward and his daughter Marian are taken under house arrest to Nottingham Castle. Meanwhile, Allan a Dale is becoming increasingly unhappy, and goes off to the tavern to earn some money tricking unsuspecting locals. But he too ends up at the Castle.



Episode 2 - The Booby and the Beast

     The Sheriff has stored all his funding for his plan to overthrow King Richard in a specially planned strong room at Nottingham Castle. Robin and his men resolve to break into it to steal the money, but they soon find out it is booby-trapped. They must find out its secrets by tracking down the man who designed it. Meanwhile, a German prince has arrived at the castle to play at the casino there. Gisborne and the Sheriff have rigged the dice so that he will lose, adding to their war chest.



Episode 3 - Child Hood

     A group of boys accidentally stumbles on Gisborne's weapons-testing site. They are taken prisoner, but one of them manages to evade capture and runs off to tell Robin what has happened. Gisborne, he tells Robin, has developed an indestructible new suit of armour. Robin is horrifed, realising that an army of men wearing this new armour would be able to defeat King Richard. He and the gang must stop Gisborne and also rescue the boys, who are to be hanged on the Sheriff's orders.



Episode 4 - The Angel of Death

     The Sheriff and his scientist, Joseph, secretly test a chemical weapon in Nottingham. When people die as a result of its effects, their deaths are blamed on the Pestilence. Will Scarlett's father, Dan, realises the truth and speaks out - but he pays a heavy price for doing so.



Episode 5 - Ducking and Diving

     Robin tries to capture the Sheriff's spy, Henry of Lewes, who has news about where King Richard will land when he returns to England. But his plan fails and he realises that he has a spy among his own men. He tries to find out who it is, aware that Marian is in danger if he fails. But all he can find out about the traitor is that he meets Gisborne at the Trip to Jerusalem Inn. Meanwhile, he must also stop Henry passing on his information to the Sheriff.



Episode 6 - For England...!

     The Sheriff's Black Knights gather at the castle to attend a feast and to sign a pact declaring their allegiance to Prince John, King Richard's brother. Robin and his men infiltrate the castle to get to the Sheriff of Winchester, a Black Knight who was the ally of the previous Sheriff of Nottingham, Marian's father. His territory is the key to the Sheriff's plan to attack King Richard when he returns to England through the southern ports. Robin persuades Winchester to oppose the Sheriff, and prepares to kill all the other Black Knights to stop the Sheriff's plan.



Episode 7 - Show me the Money

     Robin wants to get the Great Pact of Nottingham, signed by the Black Knights, as proof of the Sheriff's treason. The gang encounter John of York, who asks for help to save his girlfriend. Robin devises a plan to use him to find the Pact in the Castle. But Gisborne's new right-hand man presents a danger, especially to Marian, and Robin realises he must save her.



Episode 8 - Get Carter!

     The gang's newest member jeopardises their mission to help Clun village after the Sheriff's men have ransacked it. But luckily, a former Crusade fighter called Carter arrives to help them. However, he's not what he seems.



Episode 9 - Lardner's Ring

     A fatally wounded messenger from King Richard flees Locksley Manor pursued by Gisborne's men. He runs into Robin, and before he dies, tells him that the king wants him to the return to the Holy Land. He utters the word "Lardner" without explaining what it means. Meanwhile the Sheriff has been told by a fortune-teller that the "ring of Lardner" spells trouble, and he and Gisborne are hunting for "Lardner". Who or what is Lardner?



Episode 10 - Walkabout

     The Sheriff goes missing, sleepwalking into Sherwood Forest. Unfortunately, Prince John has promised that if anything should happen to the Sheriff, he will raze Nottingham to the gound. His messenger, Jasper, arrives in the city to find the Sheriff missing, presumed dead, so Prince John's army marches towards Nottingham to destroy it. Gisborne must enlist the help of Robin and Marian to find the Sheriff before the army arrives. Meanwhile the Sheriff, now awake in the forest, is up to mischief of his own.



Episode 11 - Treasure of the Nation

     The Sheriff is turning Locksley into a garrison town, throwing out the villagers to make way for his mercenaries. But Robin cannot help the villagers - a messenger brings word that the king is moving his "thesaurus patriae" (treasure of the nation) and Robin's help is needed. So Marian, disguised as the Nightwatchman, must try to save the village.



Episode 12 - A Good Day to Die

     Robin and the gang gather to celebrate his birthday, but find themselves surrounded by mercenaries employed by the Sheriff. Meanwhile, Marian discovers that the Sheriff and Gisborne are planning to travel to the Holy Land to kill King Richard, and Allan is forced to choose where his loyalties really lie.



Episode 13 - We are Robin Hood

     Robin and the outlaws have travelled to the Holy Land, intent on warning King Richard of the plot to assassinate him. But the Sheriff has got there first, and Robin’s plan is frustrated. Marian, believing that Gisborne may be the key to saving the king, makes a courageous – and dangerous - decision.

Season 3


 Episode 1 - Total Eclipse

     The Outlaws return from the Holy Land, and Robin breaks up the gang. All he wants is to avenge Marian's death at the hands of Gisborne. He goes to Locksley Manor to confront his enemy, and the two men fight. Meanwhile, Sir Jasper arrives at the castle with a message from Prince John. He blames the Sheriff for the bungled attempt to kill King Richard and demands 1,000 crowns a month and the body of Robin Hood. A travelling monk called Tuck arrives in the forest, looking for Robin Hood.



Episode 2 - Cause And Effect

     The Sheriff agrees to sell the local men to Finn, the rightful King of Ireland. He wants to use them to help liberate Ireland. Kate, a feisty village girl, tries to save her younger brother from being conscripted by the Sheriff, but he gets caught by Gisborne and his henchmen. She manages to escape and joins the Outlaws. They try to save the conscripts, but they fail and Robin is taken prisoner.



Episode 3 - Lost in Translation (Richard Armitage does not appear in this episode.)

     The Sheriff finds out that the Abbot is guilty of heresy, and decides to blackmail him. He forces him to order the villagers of Locksley to turn in Robin Hood. Tuck tries to confront the Abbot, but is arrested and tortured. The Sheriff tells the villagers that if they don't want to suffer the same fate, they must hand over Robin. When that fails, he orders the Abbot to try to persuade Tuck to betray Robin. Tuck refuses, and thereby faces death.



Episode 4 - The Sins of the Fathers (Richard Armitage does not appear in this episode.)

     The Sheriff hires a new tax collector, Ruthless Rufus, who arrives with his son, Edmund, to witness Robin and the Outlaws attack the Sheriff's men. He storms into Locksley village and smashes up Kate's family's pottery and kiln. Kate fights back and is forced to accompany Rufus to Locksley Manor, his new home. Much and Robin arrive and save her, but also succeed in getting her outlawed. Robin decides they will have to kidnap Rufus.



Episode 5 - Let the Games Commence

     A beautiful and aristocratic woman, Isabella, gallops into the forest, hotly pursued by sinister men on horseback. Just as they are about to pounce Robin Hood rescues her. As he discovers, she’s no pushover and he finds himself smitten, but should he take her at face value?



Episode 6 - Do You Love Me?

     Prince John arrives in Nottingham. The cover story is that he’s here to meet his loyal subjects, but privately he wants to put an end to the Sheriff and Gisborne’s way of running things. However, he feels there’s only room for one sidekick so he pits the Sheriff against Gisborne and the two men have to leave the outcome to a duel.



Episode 7 - Too Hot To Handle

     There’s a heat wave in Nottingham and water supplies are dwindling. Prince John hatches a plan to block the castle’s underground stream to control the local water resources, which prompts the gang to launch a covert mission to retrieve water for the dehydrated villagers.



Episode 8 - The King is Dead, Long Live the King

     Prince John announces that King Richard has been killed in the Holy Land and that he will now be King. The outlaws are devastated, but Robin is suspicious. He investigates the claim and discovers that King Richard is not dead, but also finds out that Prince John plans to steal England out from under him.



Episode 9 - A Dangerous Deal

     Robin breaks into Isabella’s chamber at night to strike a deal. If she’ll keep him informed about the Prince’s plans, he’ll protect her when the King returns. She calls for her guards but Robin escapes. Can he trust a Gisborne, male or female?



Episode 10 - Bad Blood

     Thanks to Prince John, Gisborne has gone from Sheriff to outlaw to forest dweller. Robin comes across him but their stand-off screeches to a halt when they are both hit by tranquilizer darts. Afterwards, a mystery person tells Robin and Gisborne about their parents, how they are connected and reveals secrets that will link them to one another forever.



Episode 11 - The Enemy of My Enemy

     Robin and Gisborne have joined forces and travel to York to free their brother, Archer, but it’s not long before old tensions soon re-surface and they’re fighting again. Allan spots them and the outlaws leap to Robin’s defense but to their surprise Robin stops them and announces that Gisborne is one of them.



Episode 12 - Something Worth Fighting For (part 1)

     The Outlaws intercept a message from Isabella for Prince John. King Richard’s return is imminent and Isabella has agreed to supply the Prince with 300 men and supplies—Prince John is preparing to battle for the throne, and Robin, Gisborne, and Much plan to storm the castle.



Episode 13 - Something Worth Fighting For (part 2)

     Robin and Gisborne ride out to meet the Sheriff who orders the firing of a flaming missile over the town walls with his trebuchets and tells Robin he has until dawn to surrender Nottingham and Gisborne or they’ll all be annihilated. Gisborne offers to give himself up but Robin tells him this is bigger than him—it’s about the future of England.


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